sholeh & jared [destination wedding photography]

The girl from down undah with bright blue eyes and a smile that lights up a room and the most romantic and smitten groom I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing brought their families and friends together at the historic Green Acre Baha’i retreat center in Eliot, Maine, named by John Greenleaf Whittier and described by its founder as “a place where beside still waters, one may realize the peace that passeth all understanding.” Sholeh and Jared mingled that peace with their love for their family and their family-like friends, their deep adoration for their faith, their comfortable elegance, tousled-haired charm, and easy-going cheer (in true Aussie form) and created an intimate and joyful wedding day, while somehow enhancing the beauty of that treasured place. Now if only I could have bottled those still waters and serenity and brought them back home with me, I’d be set for a good while. Congratulations dear Jared and Sholz! We *loved* your Green Acre wedding.


farah salamipoorian - Negeen joon I love your pictures good jab
love Farah

Aimee Piper - I love these photos! And I love these people!

Ali Akbar - The photo with the wedding dress hung on a tree branch blew my mind Negeen! Watching these photos made me feel as if I were there too, they made me live those moments. You are brilliance personified.

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