Shirin and Reed [San Francisco wedding photography]

It all started when he surprised her one day at her San Francisco doorstep with a box of of gourmet chocolate-covered pretzels that he delivered to her from New York and it culminated with each of their wedding guests holding their own jar of candy as a reminder of the beautiful union they’d just witnessed. Her name is Shirin which literally means “sweet.” It didn’t take long for me to see the shirin-ness about her:  that adoration for delectable treats (the wedding guests matched those candy jars to the corresponding candy-themed dinner tables), her cheerful demeanor, sparkly eyes and a smile that you want to scrunch up and put in your pocket for a rainy day. This adorable bride and her groom Reed, whose heart is so tender and kind I think he stole it from a panda bear, create a love that is beyond sweet. It’s rich and deep and touches you way at the bottom of your soul. An unmistakable love that, coupled with their dedicated aspirations to serve their community, you just know will make their corner of the world a, well, sweeter place to be. Congratulations ShiReed!!


Katharine - Wow. Negeen Sobhani you have done it again! Love. Love. Love. Every post makes me wish I could go back in time and have you do our day…

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