the borgas turn four [destination family and wedding photography]

Four years ago today when Laurel and Sisay donned the traditional Ethiopian wedding crowns and capes and started their life together, I couldn’t imagine them looking any more radiant than they did on that October day in Haifa … until I saw them recently in the lush serenity of Green Acre in Maine with their two adorable daughters. As anyone who knows them can attest, their magnetic quality with children has won over scores of tiny hearts that have crossed their paths. How lucky are these two little ones to be set in that path for good? Happy 4th anniversary Laurel and Sisay. If it’s true that the love you give to others comes back to you ten-fold, then get ready to be crushed by a million pint-sized waves.


amelia and shingo - Sisay (dabesh) and Laurel,
We love you and miss you both! Congratulations on your 4th Anniversary.
We will always remember the huge amounts of love you showered upon little Shiori when we were in Haifa. Although she was so young and doesn’t remember much from those days, we do, and we know that those times and that love are a big part of the sweet person she is today.
Wishing you many, many more years of happiness together…now with the addition of two such very beautiful daughters.
much love
ishikawa family

Katharine - Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful family you are. How well we remember the contributions both of you made to our family life here at the World Centre. We hope you have a Sisay-and-Laurel in your community constantly showering love and kindness upon your sweet and precious brilliant stars. Wait. You ARE Sisay and Laurel! Your kids are the luckiest kids on the planet!!

Love and joyous wishes,
The Phelps Family

Sevda and Michael - Dear Sisay and Laurel,
Happy wedding anniversary! It always brings joy to us when we see your beautiful radiant smiley faces and watch how your beautiful family continues to blossom. We always fondly remember our days in BWC when Isabella was tiny, Sisay was one of the few people she always looked for when we brought her to the lunch room, she really had a strong bond even as a baby, with him. And I’m sure those early experiences and love babies and kids receive growing up in BWC, contribute to their character and positive attitude towards anyone at any place. We send you our loving greetings and hope we see you again somewhere someday!

saba & sieni - match made in heaven! look at your beautiful creation! these kids are lucky to have you :) hope to meet them one day when we pass through maine. lots of love from the four of us xoxo

saba & sieni - p.s. LOVE these pics negs!!

Vida & Mace - Dearest Sisay & Laurel, Can’t believe its been 4 years since your beautiful , wedding day. Its so vivid in our memory! We were all so thrilled when you found each other and decided to get married! :) Its been 4 very productive years, resulting in a stunning family!! Your girls are gorgeous. Keep up the great work 😉 Our children (Leili, Milan & Zane) remember you guys very well, especially Sisay’s hugs and love, consistently no matter where they were. You always made them feel so special! Its a true gift! Everyone knew that you guys will make amazing parents and we are thrilled that you now get to daily shower that innate love for children at home. Your children indeed are very blessed to have the two of you as parents. You always have a home in China. Please come visit us!
Prayer and the very best wishes,
Mace & Vida

Laurel Sabera - What a truly perfect anniversary gift Negeen. You made us soooo happy when we saw this last night…there may have been 1 or 2 tears. And thank you everyone for the kind words. We love you all so much!

May T - Congratulations! What a beautiful and joyous family you have! What a blessing! Keep shinning!

shadi Safajou - Happy 4th Anniversary dear ones! We remember your wedding like it was yesterday: your radiant faces beaming with pure joy and now you have two beautiful daughters ( two pearls as a result of the merging of two seas of love) . You are both loved by each member of our family and we do miss you very much.
We wish you many many more years of wedding bliss, health and service.
much love from eacf one of us.
Jeffrey, Shadi, Munis , Nesar and Salim Safajou

baby jian [newborn photography]

When I was pregnant with my first child years ago, one of my new coworkers (and friend) stood out to me as particularly enthusiastic about my pregnancy. She loved updates about what vegetable or fruit the baby had grown the size of, and adored the baby as if she was already with us in my arms as opposed to concealed inside my belly. She held my hand through much of my pregnancy and then held my baby for much of her first year.
Throughout the years while she married her prince charming and moving 10,000 km away, I patiently waited for news from her about her own little peanut on its way. As luck would have it, his arrival coincided perfectly with my trip to Toronto for a destination wedding. Nothing gave me more pleasure than having the opportunity to capture moments of this family’s new life and see my dear friend Negar, along her amazing husband Nima, finally holding her own beautiful baby, Jian.


Seema - beautiful pics. beautiful babay!
Do you work in Toronto???

negeen - I am based in Oklahoma City, but I often travel for clients.

Homa Daliri - He is sooooo adorable!! not to mention the beautiful photography.

negar, nima and jian [edmond portrait photography] » Negeen Sobhani Photography - […] last time we photographed this lovely family, our focus was on then newborn baby Jian. This time around, we wanted mom Negar to have a little […]

Shomayseh & Arta [Destination Wedding Photography]

From the gracious welcoming of their guests as they arrived at the venue to the laughter and chit-chat they shared with friends before the ceremony, Shomayseh and Arta brought the intimacy and warmth of a living room wedding to a charming Ontario country club overlooking scenic gardens and sprawling green fields. Love when simple and heartfelt turns extraordinary.


Mauricio - lovely setting and photographs!! great job Sobhanis!! 😉

Manish - Wedding Photographer Vancouver - Very artistic. Great capture.

one year marked

I suppose since today marks one year since I left Haifa and settled in Oklahoma I can’t really say, “I just moved back,” as much as it still feels like it. By now I was sure to have already culled through my catalogue of (literally) hundreds of thousands of images from living abroad for 11 years, created albums for my children to remember where they were born and raised, compiled educational exhibits, and published charming coffee-table books that showcase fascinating places of historical, archeological, and religious significance. A girl can dream, right?
One thing I will do, and start today on this anniversary (because I am that sentimental), is open a section of my blog dedicated to places that I love. The title and starting point are yet to be determined, but in the meantime, I can offer a glimpse of what’s to come: from Turkish mosques to Florentine streets; life-like sculptures and porcelain people. Their stories will come, bit by bit, and by one year from today, the scores of images will have done a little more than collect digital dust. (:


Sjona Bro - Negeen, these are S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G.! my breath was taken away… seriously.

Shauna - Phenomenal Negeen… I hope you’ll continue to share!! The beauty is breathtaking, as already said… What a treasure for your children to relive the first years of their lives!!!

Kadria - These images just induced the biggest dose of nostalgia I’ve felt in a while! Incredible work, Negeen! As always!

Sonjel - this blog post is a slice of heaven. truly!

Menchie - I was just thinking about you & kids yesterday that it has been a year since you left the Holy Land. I can still remember the times spent with us in your last few weeks here..the playdates, visits to the beach, farewell for you with the moms, picnic, etc..the memories we spent together are so precious that will remain in my heart. Good job with the projects that are done (wow kids photo albums i still have to finish mine) & good luck with the other/new ones. Love ya lots!

Mauricio - I miss you, I miss the places and I miss the feeling of all of us being there the most… Amazing work, as always.

Terri Queen - Beautiful images! Thank you so much for sharing. I look forward to seeing many more.

google - I liked your article is an interesting technology
thanks to google I found you

Randy - Beautiful work Negeen. I would love to sit down for coffee and hear the stories behind some of the images. ~Randy

Medford - Good points all around. Truly apeprcaited.

Katharine - Your work gives me goosebumps — all the time. These must get to National Geographic post-haste!

shigno - Great photos!! I’m so happy to have few of them hanging in my house.

U2 and the GA phenomenon

I suppose one thing that many of my friends and family don’t really “get” about me is my U2 concert … habit. Ok, perhaps addiction or obsession by some measure. My fellow concert-goers know the puzzled look followed by “but didn’t you already go to a show?” they get when they tell someone they’re about to hit the road (or airport) for another U2 concert. “Aren’t all the shows the same?” In short, no. Set lists may be repeated, but the experience is unique every time, especially when you go GA (general admission, “floor tickets”).
Some things are the same:  there’s the anxiety before arriving at the venue to get your number in the queue and wondering how many people are already ahead of you; the early morning roll call when GAers return from their hotels and tents, line up in order of their numbers and get escorted to the venue gate by U2 security (we love U2 Dave!); the lull of the morning when GAers steal an hour or two of sleep on their yoga mats and blankets. As a mother of two, those two hours of being still under the sun are so relaxing, I might as well be on a Mediterranean beach. Soon lunch rolls around, you’ve made friends with the people around you, reunited with old friends, and are eventually putting your stuff away, taking your last sips of water and preparing yourself for the most stressful and nerve-racking part of the day: entrance into the venue.
The last hour and a half before gates open is the only time I really feel like I am standing in line. No straying off to freshen up or watch the crew set up. The sound checks are done, ticket is in hand, and a flock of butterflies have descended in my stomach.
When the gates finally open, I am amidst a surge of restrained urgency and calm hastiness. Walking, jogging, speed walking, slowing down, speeding up, sprinting, often across the length of an entire football stadium. I get my spot. I sit down. And I feel charged, rattled and relieved.
The show itself is what truly feels different every time. Not only do you see the music that you love so much, you’re completely enveloped by it and all of the energy and fervor the band pours out to its fans. You are a part of the show. No matter what spot you get, it ends up being perfect because inevitably, you make some connection or witness a moment that is unique to your view. Far from it seeming like a movie you’ve seen several times, it feels like you’re on the set of the film, the action and the artistry is happening and you’re right in the middle of it. And with this band, that action is not only happening around you, it’s happening for you.
So as U2 plays its final show of the 360° tour tonight in Moncton, Canada, a tour that spanned two years and, for me, began in July 2009 at the 5th show in Paris and ended at the 5th-to-the-last show in St. Louis (with some shows in between), I look back at my world of U2 360° GA and the amazing people who I’ve met along the way – so many of which I am blessed to call my friends.
See you all at the next tour. Bright and early. (:


Tom Emmet - Superb!

Jen - Negeen, beautifully written I couldnt agree more its more than just seeing the band. The GA unties old friends and helps create new ones. The common bond is a band we all love so much.

Barb - That was perfect! So perfectly described.. from the reactions of those who don’t get it, to the way you feel getting your number.. to waiting with new and old friends.. to the show itself. The best I’ve read! You covered it all perfectly!
And amazing photos as well!
Thank you for taking the time to say how I feel so well!!

vani - beautiful! great pics and the decription… glad to see so many feel like I do, although couldnt enjoy that many shows 😉
greetings from buenos aires!

Virginia - This is great! We were lucky enough to get to two shows on this tour, and have also done GA for the Elevation and Vertigo tours. Your description pretty much sums up my experience, and you are right… those who haven’t experienced it can’t really understand. I loved reading your account and seeing your pictures! Maybe we’ll meet someday when the NEXT tour comes around! :)

amy - Thank you! I feel the exact same way…I hope it won’t be too long before my next GA show. Loved your photos too!

Shastri - Being at a live U2 concert is kind of like seeing the Sistine Chapel with your own eyes – I dont know how else to describe it! Great post and pictures, thanks Negeen!

Anthony De Motta - I’m already feeling the depression of no more 360. After 50 days of U2 (May/June/July 2 trips), 360 Moncton was so final. Edge and Dallas have both mentioned a new tour in 2013 to some friends of mine, but in the end, it’s up to Larry. Was so great meeting you Negeen. Didn’t realize you were not too far behind me in the Arlington queue! Will post my pics when I can, gonna need at least 5 months to recover from the post-360 blues.


Amiee Stubbs - Love everything on this page, Negeen! Great job! And I’m proud to see that my ‘U2 360’ license plate made an appearance in your photos, too. : )

Vanilla - this text is amazing. this is the real feeling that moves us to do this.

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