Happy 9th birthday to my love, my light and my angel.
“Oh my, my how you’ve grown / Well it’s been, it’s been…a little while”  – U2 In a Little While
My little love on May 13, 2005, ’07, ’09, ’11 and ’13 in the dress I wore the night I learned I was expecting. She gets photographed in it every year on her birthday, and we watch in awe and adoration at how she grows to such loveliness.


International convention

This week as a thousand delegates from more than 150 countries went to Haifa for the 11th annual International Baha’i Convention, I can’t help but look back on the convention that I experienced in 2008 and recall the impression that historic gathering made on me.
Seeing the diversity of the entire human race in one room is strangely humbling and empowering at the same time. You feel small because you realize your “world” is actually a tiny fleck in the vastness of the human experience happening to billions of people in every corner of the earth every minute of every day. Still, you are filled with hope when see the unity and connection they share in perhaps the most diverse gathering of people in the world –  a diversity not only in nations, but also in social, economic and professional backgrounds. An Italian industrialist, a presidential adviser from South Africa, a student from South America, a Bulgarian musician, a Ph.D. working with international research, a small business owner from Cameroon, and hundreds of  others gathered to cast their ballots and elect the international governing body of the Baha’i Faith.
The non-partisan, non-campaigning election process itself was itself remarkable. Over one thousand delegates representing 153 countries crossing a stage and casting their ballots with such dignity and grace. It was one of those occasions where the images were so impressed in my mind that I almost didn’t need my camera. Well… almost.



skewed vision

I often tell my clients that they cannot see themselves the way I see them through my lens. It requires them to trust that I recognize a beauty that is inherently there, but sometimes concealed from their own eyes. Nothing illustrates that fact better than this portrait project:

The results are fascinating.
So how beautiful are we? So much more than we think we are.


nadia | contemporary portrait

Even with the opening of our studio doors months away, our contemporary glamour photography has taken a life of its own. It will not wait for sheet rock to go up or walls to be painted. So we pack up our portable-ized studio set and transform spaces into our beauty portrait studio. Simply with enough natural light, a little pampering by our make-up artist extraordinaire, and a willing spirit, that inherent beauty that every woman has finds its way out. Makeup, hair, lighting and posing only go so far. When a woman understands that I may see her completely differently than how she’s always seen herself, that trust creates a connection that brings images to life. For some, it may be the first time they have ever seen themselves without their own filters. For Nadia, that connection brought out two qualities she is so well known for: her sincerity and a luminance from her smile that emanates for miles.


Mojan - These are just stunning. I’m looking forward to seeing more from this new venture!

Yas. - Beautiful!!! Great model. Great photographer! :)

Omeed - Incredible! Can you give me her number?????