The Sefolosha Family

Anyone who knows me knows how much I admire people who discover their talent and somehow use it to benefit others. In the celebrity sphere, it’s the Bonos, the Oprahs and the Bill Gates who win my attention in their use of influence and resources to improve someone else’s life – in their cases, thousands of people’s lives. To me, the Sefoloshas fall in that camp. Sure, Thabo is a fierce starting player for the Oklahoma City Thunder with unfailing tenacity. But together with his wife Bertille, his impact reaches far beyond the court. Their philanthropic work with the Swiss charity organization IMBEWU has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to build after-school programs for children in Mamelodi, South Africa (see video below). Add to that their down-to-earth and unpretentious personalities and you’ve got my definition of a real power couple.

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Florence and Oliver [bay area wedding photography]

Flo and Oli. She unknowingly captured his heart  with her “true, genuine and from the heart” Facebook posts (the deep, thought provoking blog entry-like posts) and the relationship that ensued revealed a certainty that they were perfect partners for creating the life they both dreamed of together.
If a wedding is ever an indication of what that marriage may be like, I would venture to say their life will be full of love and so much giving. The outpouring of love expressed by these two families hailing from New Zealand and Mauritius permeated throughout the reception. The wedding itself came together like a perfectly arranged bouquet by the hands of their friends who could move mountains for their Flo and Oli. Simple, yet rich in its detail, cool and cozy, streaming from stories to laughter to music to dancing, Flo and Oli’s wedding was a night none of us present will soon forget. May the marriage itself carry on in the same spirit for years to come. Congratulations, Flo and Oli!
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Yas - I want to get married again…just so you can take pictures of it all over again :)Beautiful Negz!

Erin - As usual, lovely photos!

geri alexander - Beautiful photos Negeen! You really captured the spirit of the wedding!

Carmel [Edmond Maternity Photography]

I can’t imagine a more befitting first session in my new studio than with the beautiful mother-to-be Carmel. It’s a funny coincidence that I had experienced the pregnancies and births of my two children on Mt. Carmel in Haifa, Israel. Now with the opening of my studio, Ms. Carmel comes to me. Milestones for both of us. And hopefully both resulting in a joyful, healthy and prosperous future.
Congratulations dear Carmel and Jason! It is an honor to be a part of your very special time as a new family!




mary jane poole - Negeen… you know I am always a fan! What a lovely woman she is. I spent the day, as I do every Saturday, with Francesco’s and Loredana’s baby girls, Fiammetta and Lavinia, now 17 months!!! and I often think about those fun years a Firenze. Come visit again! Love to you and Victor and your “babies”, who are no longer that at all!

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Kate + Erfawn [Texas wedding photography]

In a lush, flowery pocket of Lake Grapevine known as Paradise Cove, Kate and Erfawn brought their loved ones from various corners of the globe (as their guestbook/world map demonstrated) to celebrate their union on their wedding day. Melodic prayers and poetic verses were recited as the sun descended on the horizon. Words of counsel from the Baha’i Writings resonated with those gathered and created a vision for the beautiful life Kate and Erfawn would create together:

Let your hearts be like unto two pure mirrors reflecting the stars of the heaven of love and beauty.
Together make mention of noble aspirations and heavenly concepts.
Let there be no secrets one from another.
Make your home a haven of rest and peace.
Be hospitable and let the doors of your house be open to the faces of friends and strangers.
Welcome every guest with radiant grace and let each feel that it is his own home.
Live in such harmony that others may take your lives for an example and may say one to another:

‘Look how they live like two doves in one nest, in perfect love, affinity and union.
It is as though from all eternity God had kneaded the very essence of their beings for the love of one another.’

Congratulations Kate and Erfawn! May the vision expressed in these verses forever be your reality. On this day, we saw the glimmerings already.


Hannes Uys - Insanely beautiful work Negeen!

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