samantha and mike [oklahoma city wedding photography]

when i asked samantha to describe the style of her wedding, she said: “gothic, different and romantic.” and so it was, perfectly. the ceremony was held at the Old Trinity of Paseo, a gothic church that was dismantled in new brunswick, canada, delivered via two flatbed trucks to oklahoma city at the behest of the recently-departed and much-loved local photographer, Tom Lee, who bought the church on the internet, site unseen. sam and mike fit so perfectly in the gothic revival-style building, they may have very well been designed by the same architect. “gothic”: CHECK. after ripping out of the ceremony in a (literally) smokin’ low-rise truck, the couple and their friends and family enjoyed an intimate and casual reception dinner at tapwerks in bricktown, so casual that samantha danced in her blue jeans. “different”: CHECK. on the following morning we returned to paseo, my little pocket of inspiring art and colorful architecture in oklahoma city, for a day-after session. sam and mike opted not to wear their wedding attire, but kept the black and white colors in their outfits. we can let the images below speak for themselves, but i’d venture to say, “romantic”: CHECK.


oxana - love it!! love all you photos! very inspiring and touching…

mauricio - LOVE this photo shoot!
amazing locations for every shot. my fave is the one with the red wall, hands down!

Tonya Roberts - We love your website. It turned out so beautiful. You did such a great job with Sam and Mike’s wedding. We couldn’t be happier with the beautiful photos you created. New news is that they are expecting a baby boy, name is Odin Vaughn, in July. We are so excited to have another little guy coming into our lives soon.

Hope all is well with you and your family. Take care and keep bringing the beauty to our eyes and hearts.


runa - Beautiful shots.Love them all.

runa - Amazing pics!!!Love these all!!

Karsen - A miloiln thanks for posting this information.

the angiers [oklahoma city family photography]

while most seniors bring along a tennis racket or a musical instrument as props for senior shoots, chase brings his entire family. terri, keith and chase’s sister anissa, were not only there for support and pretty cool location suggestions (one spot will forever be known as “the anissa”), they were actually there for a family photo session that we combined with chase’s senior session. granted, most photographers prefer the senior to be alone for a session, but when you have such an amazing, tightly-knit, joyful family around, the results are real laughter and goofy sibling fun. they even taught me a thing or two about resourcefulness. how else could they have pulled off outfit changes in the middle of bricktown?  simply put, this family rocks.


Nadia - love the sibling photos: so cool, so them!

Jimmy - Hekcvua good job. I sure appreciate it.

chase [oklahoma city senior photography]

it’s already been months since i returned to oklahoma after living in haifa, israel, and florence, italy, for eleven years and sometimes i still feel like a fob* in my own hometown. granted, a decade is a considerable chunk of time in the development of a city, especially oklahoma city, and it’s not like i didn’t visit, but sometimes i don’t even recognize where i’m standing. take bricktown, for example (for you non-okies, bricktown is a newly renovated area next to downtown oklahoma city).
when i left, it had inched forward from a hollow warehouse district frequented only by Spaghetti Warehouse patrons and junior high kids looking for a thrill at the halloween haunted house, to an area with a handful of restaurants and a freshly dug winding dirt tunnel. that tunnel is now a canal that carries boats full of okies and their visitors taking in the *new* bricktown with its tree-lined promenades, colorful restaurants, happening clubs, a ball park, movie theatre, bowling alley, stadium and concert arena — all within about a five-block radius. unrecognizable to say the least. i guess it was an appropriate senior session location for chase: the kid who i remember being only waist-high when the renovations began, now totally grown up. seems to me that around here, things only get better with time.

*short for “fresh off the boat.” nickname for a newcomer who doesn’t quite know what’s going on.


maybe not [france destination photography]

sometimes things just don’t go the way you planned. yasmine had her heart set on wedding photos at castle ruins in her hometown near orleans in central france. a beautiful ancient wall with window openings perfect for framing a bride and groom, washed in late-afternoon february sun, in an open field, just seemed too perfect a setting … until the wild horses appeared. three horses who lived within the fenced castle grounds galloped, raced and zigzagged across the field as if they had just been released from the stables. that site froze yasmine in her suede ankle boots. though the horses surely meant no harm, she was too nervous to dodge her way through the unbridled steeds just hours before her wedding. so we moved on to other locations and with the time we saved at the castle, we were able to squeeze in a domestic shoot at the very end of the session just minutes before walking down the aisle, and created a unique and favorite image from their wedding day. i guess following your gut and being flexible really do pay off in the end. more photos of yasmine and parham’s quaint french wedding can be found in a featured gallery on my website.


nairne and jen [newborn photography]

one of the most unique things about baby nairne is that she was born into a home situated in a beautiful garden surrounding a holy place that is sacred to millions of baha’is around the world. so it was only natural that jen wanted to have nairne photographed in the garden itself.  just a few meters from their home is an old closed well that we thought would be a perfect setting for nairne.  where direct summer sun in israel can be a challenge to shoot under, we found it beautifully illumined the olive trees and gave an ethereal glow to our serene location.


oxana - your photos of babies and children are stunning!

Laurel - STUNNING. I must say I am not in the least bit surprised either 😉 Captivating, luscious, moving work.

ahuva kahana - i love your work its promise to send me some of acco pleas keep writing to me.

ahuva kahana - neggeen i love your web keep in tuch ahuva

Samira - So touching!!!

Amra - Awesome so cute Nairne.