one year marked

I suppose since today marks one year since I left Haifa and settled in Oklahoma I can’t really say, “I just moved back,” as much as it still feels like it. By now I was sure to have already culled through my catalogue of (literally) hundreds of thousands of images from living abroad for 11 years, created albums for my children to remember where they were born and raised, compiled educational exhibits, and published charming coffee-table books that showcase fascinating places of historical, archeological, and religious significance. A girl can dream, right?
One thing I will do, and start today on this anniversary (because I am that sentimental), is open a section of my blog dedicated to places that I love. The title and starting point are yet to be determined, but in the meantime, I can offer a glimpse of what’s to come: from Turkish mosques to Florentine streets; life-like sculptures and porcelain people. Their stories will come, bit by bit, and by one year from today, the scores of images will have done a little more than collect digital dust. (:


Sjona Bro - Negeen, these are S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G.! my breath was taken away… seriously.

Shauna - Phenomenal Negeen… I hope you’ll continue to share!! The beauty is breathtaking, as already said… What a treasure for your children to relive the first years of their lives!!!

Kadria - These images just induced the biggest dose of nostalgia I’ve felt in a while! Incredible work, Negeen! As always!

Sonjel - this blog post is a slice of heaven. truly!

Menchie - I was just thinking about you & kids yesterday that it has been a year since you left the Holy Land. I can still remember the times spent with us in your last few weeks here..the playdates, visits to the beach, farewell for you with the moms, picnic, etc..the memories we spent together are so precious that will remain in my heart. Good job with the projects that are done (wow kids photo albums i still have to finish mine) & good luck with the other/new ones. Love ya lots!

Mauricio - I miss you, I miss the places and I miss the feeling of all of us being there the most… Amazing work, as always.

Terri Queen - Beautiful images! Thank you so much for sharing. I look forward to seeing many more.

google - I liked your article is an interesting technology
thanks to google I found you

Randy - Beautiful work Negeen. I would love to sit down for coffee and hear the stories behind some of the images. ~Randy

Medford - Good points all around. Truly apeprcaited.

Katharine - Your work gives me goosebumps — all the time. These must get to National Geographic post-haste!

shigno - Great photos!! I’m so happy to have few of them hanging in my house.

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