the mollaian family [edmond family portrait photography]

As much as I love fields of flowers and nifty urban nooks, my favorite location for family portraits remains the home. Looking back at my childhood, I would love to have photos of the green door I would rush through after school to kick off my shoes only to run through it again to meet my neighbor Shay for an afternoon of chatting on the brick wall across the street, or the tall cypress trees behind our backyard fence that I never saw anywhere else in Oklahoma but later became fixtures in the landscape around my homes in Tuscany and Haifa, or even the design of the wrought-iron arch framing the entrance to our formal living room that I remember finally being able to reach, and eventually swing from (much to my mom’s dismay). The things we touch daily and gaze upon over our morning bowls of cereal (or hot tea, feta cheese and lavash bread as it often was) as kids remain as much a part of our childhood as our first-grade teacher and favorite blanket.¬†For Nadia, Omeed, Iman, Jamilah and Jaydan, there are Nadia’s bright orange lilies that burst open for only two weeks of the year, the short stone wall that Omeed built himself for the backyard that Jaydan intuitively knows not to step off from (though we all freeze and hear our hearts pound in our ears when he gets close to the edge), the kitchen table two-seater bench which Jamilah and Iman can share with a third friend and still have plenty of wiggle room, and the front door where you often find them inviting in neighbors, family, friends, and friends of friends, to a space they feel welcomed and cherished. These characteristics make this home as beautiful, strong, vibrant and loving as the amazing family that lives in it.


Judy Holly - These are very nice. I hope you and your family are all doing great.

Karen Winston - Gorgeous family photographs. The photo’s and the story remind me of growing up and home. Beautiful.

Omeed - Such an incredible photographer and we had sooo much fun during shoot….thanks Negeen!

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