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little miss layla

If you ever want an honest conversation with someone, look no further than a five-year old. Spend some time with miss Layla and while your eyes are doting on the most adorable face-on-a-tiny-body ever seen, your wheels will be turning nonstop to answer her “why?” questions, your heart will skip when she spontaneously tells you, “I love you. I really do!”, and your ego might bruise a little when she asks you if you are your daughter’s grandfather, as Victor can attest to. But what can you do when that face lights up into a smile and those little arms wrap around your neck? You take it all: ┬áthe honesty, the affection, the sincerity, and maybe a couple of aspirin for those questions. Love my little miss Layla!


Buddy - I’m quite pleased with the informaiton in this one. TY!