Carmel [Edmond Maternity Photography]

I can’t imagine a more befitting first session in my new studio than with the beautiful mother-to-be Carmel. It’s a funny coincidence that I had experienced the pregnancies and births of my two children on Mt. Carmel in Haifa, Israel. Now with the opening of my studio, Ms. Carmel comes to me. Milestones for both of us. And hopefully both resulting in a joyful, healthy and prosperous future.
Congratulations dear Carmel and Jason! It is an honor to be a part of your very special time as a new family!




mary jane poole - Negeen… you know I am always a fan! What a lovely woman she is. I spent the day, as I do every Saturday, with Francesco’s and Loredana’s baby girls, Fiammetta and Lavinia, now 17 months!!! and I often think about those fun years a Firenze. Come visit again! Love to you and Victor and your “babies”, who are no longer that at all!

Ziada [Edmond newborn photography] » Negeen Sobhani Photography - […] literally,  a bundle of cuteness. As beautiful as mom Carmel was in her maternity portrait session, we LOVE seeing her little gem in her owns arms. Congratulations Carmel and Jason! Share Posted in […]

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