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the fananapazirs [family portrait photography]

Last month while I was in the D.C. area to give a Photo 101 workshop for parents, I had the chance to shoot a family session with the Fananapazir family. With Melody’s penchant for color as seen popping off her custom accessory designs at MeMe&You, I knew the session starting off at their home in Arlington and taking us to beautiful Georgetown would be brimming with vibrant color. But seriously, with such an amazing couple and their delectably adorable children, the richness and color was all them.



melody - thank you, negs, for beautifully capturing memories before we leave DC! This was so much fun! LOVE!

roxanne & ryan | the hipster brooklyn wedding

I must admit that no other photography request knocked the breath of out me like this one. Never have had a need-to-breathe-out-of-a-paper bag moment until my friend and photography frère Ryan Lash asked me to shoot his wedding. Reoccurring nightmares of gear breaking minutes before the ceremony (at the hands of Ryan no less) ensued as I tried to figure out how I would capture this occasion in a way that would express my own story telling while being the eyes Ryan himself would employ were he able to frame his wedding through his own lens. I know, a ridiculously tall order — which, I learned, is precisely Ryan and Roxanne’s cup of tea.
In (I kid you not) eighteen days, Ryan and Roxanne planned the. most. hipster Brooklyn wedding, ever. Friends and family flocked in from across the US, Canada, Ecuador and Germany. Venues were booked, cancelled and booked. Flowers were ordered, banners were designed, books were printed and roommates were stressed. out. The seemingly impossible turned into an intimate, charming and sublime wedding complete with soul-filling music, a moving prayer for remembered family, a Livestream broadcast viewed by hundreds of friends around the world, activity books for the guests, a Rice Krispie treat wedding cake, and socks provided for the surprise activity: bowling. Afterwards, the newly wed couple accompanied by their friends walked to the subway station, danced to an underground saxophone and took a train to their ever after, all the while sweetly serenaded by their sister and her ukulele. A more perfect wedding it could not be … (except for the ceremony in direct sunlight at high noon – but we’ll eventually let that one go, Ryan Lash). Love you, Rox & Ry.


N - More, more, more!!! :-)

MayT - Negeen, you have done a spectacular job of capturing the spirit of the couple and the beautiful day! Congrats to Rye and Rox!

Mehran - Negeen, these are exceptional!

Marco A. - Wonderful photographs, Negeen!!!

LAYLI - NEGEEN. NOW I’M HAVING A BREATHE OUT OF A BAG MOMENT : YOUR PHOTOS ARE RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so so so so so so amazed by them. amazing when the wind decides to cooperate with you and my, those veil shots are OUT OF THIS WORLD. i am so proud of you and you got madd skillz, yo. APPLAUSE!!!!! XOXOXOOX

Susan Sheper - These are spectacular!! Thank you so much for sharing them. They are certainly among the most unique wedding photos I have seen – which is perfect for this wonderful unique couple. I love them!

Yas. - Negeen joon….SOOOOOO beautiful… love your pictures as always…you are the best… I really love this series (and the bride and groom). Bisous.

Yasmin H - If only we could have had you at our wedding! You are amazing!

juliet - I think these are the most beautiful wedding photographs I’ve ever did have great material to work with, but they are stunning…congratulations.

Sally Weeks - I had SO MUCH FUN looking at these photographs! Of and by people I love.

Abey - wow! just wow! i wish i can have these great photos on my wedding. great planning, great photos! congrats!

Omeed Mollaian - The photos are incredible sis! You move forward by leaps and bounds with each wedding wtih your creativity!

Synnøve - Thanks so much for sharing ~ loved seeing these pictures! So full of style, colors, beauty, happiness and playfulness!

laurie - love love it !!

oxana - amazing photos of amazing people by amazing photographer!!

James - Really beautiful and creative photos of really wonderful people.

Nancy Wong - AWESOME, Negeen! I enjoyed each and every shot!

brian kurzius - this is the first time I’ve seen someone else’s wedding photos that wanted to frame and put on my wall :-)

Farida - Negeen these pictures are not only beautiful …I truly felt like i was there!!! So much love, joy and radiance! thank you for being so talented and sharing it with us :) xxx

Elliott V. - My sister was raving about your work so I decided to check out some of your latest. Amazing, I tell you. So very inspiring. Maybe my wife and I should renew our vows or something just as an excuse to fly you out to Australia…

nineteen days

Ever since I was a little girl in padded pajama feet peering through the dark house towards the warm lights of the kitchen where my parents were having an early-morning breakfast before the sun rose, I’ve been intrigued by the fasting period before the Baha’i new year. It was the only time of the year I would ever leave the house when the morning sky was still black and go to McDonald’s and have breakfast on a styrofoam plate. When I turned fifteen and started fasting myself, I loved pulling myself from the grips of my bed knowing it was for a special purpose and a chance for me to exercise my will power and devotion. Now that I’m over the trips to McDonald’s (my dad and I have moved on to IHOP), I’m enjoying the 19 days of slowing down, becoming acutely aware of my surroundings and like in any body of water, seeing a clearer reflection of my self in its stillness.
For the last five years, this period of fasting has also born a creative dimension through my participation in an international collaborative project called “nineteen days” where paired photographers around the world take photographs around sunrise and sunset and post their photos and reflections on a blog. This year 36 photographers from 19 countries participated. These are the photos I entered for my post, followed by my reflection for the day.

Fasting always puts under a microscope what has been moving around in my mind for the past several months. I’ve pulled the brakes on so many things in my life only to devote more of myself to what really matters. And yet, at some point, we just have to let go of what we try so hard to protect and realize that we are all in the best of Hands, and everything will be just fine. Just fine.


Ashley Southall - The photo of the little girl is incredible!

martedi grasso | venice, italy

While many Americans associate Marti Gras with beads, music and parades, my thoughts escape to misty cold Venice with its sea wind bobbing the gondolas and tunneling into Piazza San Marco where thousands gather to celebrate Martedi Grasso and walk among its ethereal masked revelers. Each time Victor and I boarded the 7am Eurostar train to Venice from Florence, we knew we were charging lens-first into a wild storm of people moving about looking in every direction but the one they were going. The most dangerous of the mob? The photographers, of course. Dozens upon dozens stacked on one another trying to get a shot of the graceful, airy, mannequin-like beings slowly floating their way through the square.

Because the revelers themselves were so hauntingly peaceful (I was always compelled to whisper when I thanked them), their serenity is seen in their photos. What’s not seen, however, is the throngs of people around them, as you can get a glimpse of in the skyline photo below. How was it done? Simple. Strapped with my two cameras, one loaded with slide film and the other with black-and-white film, I approached my beloved subjects in one of two ways:  straight-on and tight, or low and wide. Sometimes I could shoot over the shoulder of another photographer to be at eye-level with my subject, and unfortunately the dozens of people behind them. In those cases, I’d shoot tight where they, and no one else, filled the frame. Usually, however, I couldn’t squeeze anywhere into the pack of puffy-coated paparazzi, so I would creep beneath the lowest lens, plant myself in front of everyone, scusatemi, and shoot upwards towards my subject. This was my preferred position. By shooting from below, I could cut out from my view the people behind my subjects and use the sky, or better yet, exquisite architecture as my background. Where in reality, the scene was of me squatting with the knees and the weight of ten or twenty photographers on my back and the subject surrounded by crowds of people, the images on the slides were of pristine doll-like figures, their longing gazes and beautiful Venice behind them. This is the Martedi Grasso that I know and love and miss. Until next time… I’ll be sure to pack my knee pads.


Mary Jane Poole - Negeen! these pictures are truly wonderful and your description so enticing! I have gone on Martedì Grasso only one time. The feeling of being swept along to who-knows-where-and-what quite overwhelmed me, but after experiencing it through your eyes I feel the urge to go again! And since it is now Ash Wednesday, I’ll have a year to get ready. How about you come too! Baci, baci! mj

negeen - MJ, Magari! xoxo