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sherry | Oklahohoma City portrait photography

When I saw Sherry’s previous headshot, I couldn’t even recognize her. I understood the desire of wanting your public image to be a reflection of your true self. For Sherry, I wanted her headshots to portray the dynamic, vivacious, warm, and witty qualities of her personality while holding the clean lines of her refined personal aesthetic. She couldn’t have made it easier for me. This is the Sherry I couldn’t find in her previous headshot. The expression “the ugly truth” may fit some scenarios, but in this case, the truth is simply gorgeous.


Gina Coogle | personal branding session

We created a few looks for Gina’s personal branding session reflecting various facets of her professional life. There are not enough looks in the world, though, to reflect all things she is to the people in her personal life:  the most supportive, caring, selfless, and compassionate mother, wife, sister, daughter, and friend that I have ever known. She and her family always remind me of how much good is in this world and I’m a better person for knowing her.



Tami & Patrick

When I think of infinite patience with babies and toddlers, I think of Tami. I’ve witnessed her amazing ability to connect with the tiniest of patients as a speech pathologist at Hearts for Hearing. Babies seem to talk and listen to her even though they don’t have words or even hearing sometimes. Her heart speaks loudly and her warmth, compassion and cheerfulness are boundless. What a pleasure it was to capture a glimpse of those qualities in her personal branding portraits as well as the beautiful love she shares with her husband Patrick.


Chelsey + Joe | Oklahoma City wedding

She spends her days helping children find their words and use them to effect change. She’s the most no-nonsense and unfazed by severe conditions speech pathologist I’ve ever known and she has an amazing ability to connect on a meaningful level with however much or little her kids offer back. She’s kind, forgiving, easy going, and brilliant. And she just so happens to be one of the most beautiful brides I’ve photographed.  Congratulations Chelsey and Joe! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness! See on the front lines. (-;
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