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the 100th monthly portrait

When my daughter Aliyah turned one month old on June 13, 2004, I, like every doting parent, took a photo of her. When she turned two months old on July 13, I took another photo. On August 13, I took another; on September 13, another; and kept going, month after month, taking her portrait on the 13th of every month. For 100 months.
Before  automatic reminders, there was the 11pm realization that I’d forgotten it was the 13th resulting in a half-asleep prop-up in the crib (Nov 13, 05). There was time I was in Paris to shoot a wedding and photographed Aliyah through Skype on my laptop (Feb 13, 09).  Twice  we were apart with no way of “seeing” each other and either Grandma or Papá took care of the portrait. With the exception of those two portraits on Oct 13, 09 (I was queuing for a concert) and Apr 13, 10 (she and Papá were visiting Italy) I’ve managed to stop on the 13th of every month and capture a glimpse into Aliyah’s development, personality and environment.
I know. As she grows, life will often bump in the way of us being together. At the very least, the 13th can be our reoccurring date to connect. And with smart phones and good aim, we’ll manage to carry on our little project wherever we may be. For now, off to #101.


Katharine - Stop, stop, stop. I can’t take anymore of this fabulousness! Aliyah will cherish this gift to her for years to come…

Michelle - Allah’u’Abha! I was on Facebook and found a photo of how to melt crayons in a mold and create cards for Ayyam I ha . So I pressed the link and stumbled upon your most beautiful and treasured photos! My older son and I enjoyed seeing your radiant daughter blossom. Thank you for sharing those most precious moments! ~<3~