Monthly Archives: April 2011

little miss layla

If you ever want an honest conversation with someone, look no further than a five-year old. Spend some time with miss Layla and while your eyes are doting on the most adorable face-on-a-tiny-body ever seen, your wheels will be turning nonstop to answer her “why?” questions, your heart will skip when she spontaneously tells you, “I love you. I really do!”, and your ego might bruise a little when she asks you if you are your daughter’s grandfather, as Victor can attest to. But what can you do when that face lights up into a smile and those little arms wrap around your neck? You take it all: ┬áthe honesty, the affection, the sincerity, and maybe a couple of aspirin for those questions. Love my little miss Layla!


Buddy - I’m quite pleased with the informaiton in this one. TY!

katie and matt [oklahoma city wedding photography]

Katie and Matt’s beautiful March wedding at Rose Briar Place reminded me of why I love first dances so much. While some couples take the opportunity to get creative and show off their graceful skills or sense of humor by entertaining their guests, others enjoy it as the first still moment of the day when the can close their eyes and just be present. Tense muscles finally relax and tears of relief and joy appear. I know it’s the making of a Hallmark card commercial, but in this brief moment when new couples are lost in their own bliss and fathers sway the daughters they once rocked, I pull out the tissue from my pocket, blink hard so my eyes still focus through the lens, and ultimately feel so grateful to be in the presence of Love.


Sarah - Negeen, these photos made me gasp, they are that stunning. Look at the one where the bride’s blue shoes are showing! You are truly talented my dear. Love, Sarah

Ali Akbar - The photo in which the bride is resting her head on the gentleman’s shoulder gives such a warm, “I’m gonna miss you” kinda feeling. And the flowers in her hair look like doves at dawn. You deserve a thousand hugs for that photo Negeen. Brilliant.