Monthly Archives: September 2010

maybe not [france destination photography]

sometimes things just don’t go the way you planned. yasmine had her heart set on wedding photos at castle ruins in her hometown near orleans in central france. a beautiful ancient wall with window openings perfect for framing a bride and groom, washed in late-afternoon february sun, in an open field, just seemed too perfect a setting … until the wild horses appeared. three horses who lived within the fenced castle grounds galloped, raced and zigzagged across the field as if they had just been released from the stables. that site froze yasmine in her suede ankle boots. though the horses surely meant no harm, she was too nervous to dodge her way through the unbridled steeds just hours before her wedding. so we moved on to other locations and with the time we saved at the castle, we were able to squeeze in a domestic shoot at the very end of the session just minutes before walking down the aisle, and created a unique and favorite image from their wedding day. i guess following your gut and being flexible really do pay off in the end. more photos of yasmine and parham’s quaint french wedding can be found in a featured gallery on my website.